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Seducing Scorpio can be a major challenge, and it's worth opening with a warning that this isn't a sign to toy with.Scorpio's are highly emotional and highly intuitive, and will see through the superficial in a heartbeat. The best advice is to "keep it real" and allow your Scorpio to show you how much fun real can be.However, the states surrounding these will also be able to see it, but not in complete totality and the further away from these states you get, the less of the sun will be covered.

The Moon affects your emotional state in varying ways, depending on which Zodiacal sign it currently resides in.Because this eclipse is in Leo, which is a sign that likes to be on stage and rules actors and kings, I would look for your supervisor or the head of the company to be the spotlight.Eclipses are known to bring some rather difficult issues and the ancients believed that "kings will fall" during a significant one.Yes, your Scorpio has got some serious sexuality going on, and if they start to view you as a potential partner you'll probably get a window into it.This sign is the embodiment of everything dark, mysterious and sexy, and they wear it like a black velvet cloak.

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