Piss in chat room

Language is fairly strong, with a use of "f--k," several uses of "s--t," and uses of "bitch," "ass," etc.

The word "bitch" is shown written on a car in what looks like dog poop.

There are some other violent images, including yelling and an animated depiction of the Black Plague.

Sex is referred to in graphic terms, though little is actually shown.

While some guys swear they’ve had the hottest sex ever in Pattaya with a ladyboy, others might have been robbed by a gang of as the local she-males and transvestites are called in Thai) are a common feature of everyday life in Thailand.

Thanks to the tolerant nature of Buddhist culture, ladyboys – just like gays – are far more visible and accepted in Thai society than transvestites or transsexuals in Western countries.

"We found out that the level of redactions performed on the Afghanistan documents was not sufficient.

I announced that if the next batch did not receive full attention, I would not be willing to cooperate."Assange did not respond to e-mail queries from

The movie is not very deep, but it should plant some interesting seeds of discussion within thoughtful teen viewers. No role models here, and no one to emulate or look up to, but teens may find themselves identifying in some ways with the confused teens in the movie. I love you." She gave me an annoyingly long hug, and went back to the car. Now, don't get me wrong; I'll miss her, but right now I'm so excited that that's not really registering. Anyway, the bruise was healed, but I wasn't completely fine. I can take the hint, you don't need me around embarrassing you on your first day here. I wore a turtleneck for a week to cover the bruise he had left on my neck.At least half a dozen Wiki Leaks staffers have tendered their resignations in recent weeks, the most prominent of them being Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who, under the name Daniel Schmitt, served as Wiki Leaks' German spokesman.Domscheit-Berg learned about Assange's agreements with a number of media outlets last month, but did not know the details or when the documents were scheduled to be released.

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